Hello, This is Ben's page...

and this stuff is real live woodchip from my hamster's cage!
I would be running the HamsterCam right now except they're sleeping

Today's financial outlook: USD - SR3.75, NASDAQ - 2,638, TIME is flying, Internet is UP (otherwise you wouldn't be here), Hamsters are UP SR2 at SR20, Rabbits are hopping

Hello, my name is Benjamin Luke Spencer and I am the littlest one in our family. I am a divergent thinker. This means that I think of strange things at times.

This is me in front of Rangitotu Island, Auckland, New Zealand Me, Ben, leaning back, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada This is our big Hamster we sometimes call Mumma of 46 Do you know which city in Europe breeds Hamster's? If you e-mail me, I will tell you. Are you actually sure it is Europe... I like seeing the insides of animals,  making new inventions, doin' lego and playing with my friends. I like star wars toys and star wars movies.

This is Ben and my cousin Isaac getting chips in Australia This is my friend Jordan playing playstation. daddy and ben on a horse in Olympia, USA Hey! There's a monkey on my head! Will I make it over?

I have a remote control car called Rebound 4x4. It can turn over - I got it for my birthday.
The Wahba crater, in the desert of Saudi Arabia Ben and my daddy waiting for the ski lift at Ski Liberty, USA this is me the famous skier on my first day skiing! This is my grandpa's car called the Bean Car! ben and mummy in Australia

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I am from Australia and I used to live in Saudi Arabia, but now in YEAR 8 in Auckland. Messed up eh? My school is Glendowie.

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